We know that starting your journey in a new sport can be a bit douting. Most of the knowledge about Kettlebell Sport you will gain in our classes. But before you start please read the below guide to know what to expect, how to prepare and take your athletic journey beyond club classes. 


Coming to your first class there are not many things that you will need straight away. And it's always easy to spend money on things that you will not really need. So what to bring on your first classes?

  • Cotton t-shirt

  • Water Bottle

  • Pair of Lifting Shoes or Runners

  • Sport shorts or trousers

As you progress more and decide that competing in Kettlebell Sport is your thing you may search or ask our coach about completing your sports uniform and add few helpful items, like:

  • Kettlebell Lifting Belt

  • Chalk and chalk bag

  • Headband

  • Wrist guards

  • Knee Wraps

  • Heart Rate Monitor

Rules and Regulations

Tengu Kettlebell Club is competing in the All Ireland Kettlebell Lifting Federation (AIKLF) competitions and is regulated by federation rules that can be found here. Our coach will go thru all rules before every competition and answer any questions.

Program and event timetable

Each student will have access to our discord server where we discuss upcoming competitions and training related topics. Our group programming is available online thru google sheets, and the competition and event calendar is available online which will keep you connected to club members and coach.