Why to train and live barefoot

Most of you know that in our training studio we prefer to train without shoes. Sometimes in socks, sometimes in minimalistic footwear, sometime bare feet. The reason behind that is that our foot is amazing piece of mechanism. There are three main reasons why we should switch into barefoot training and living now, to give more mindfulness and health to ourselves. We chosen the path to educate our students on that matter, so take a closer look on those three benefits.

This is how ligaments and muscles are distributed in foot
Anatomy of foot


Our feet have the same amount of neurological sensor as our hands. 200'000 of those are directly in our feet giving our brain great feedback that we need to be fully functional living beings. We often neglect that wearing uncomfortable shoes, cutting ourselves off this amazing piece of data and information going into our brain. In results the same way as we are unaware of our surroundings and the life we live in, we become more unaware of the ground we walk on. It's holistic mental health and physical health, all connected. When we train we train our brain, and we cannot take this amount of information and development from our training routine. And even more we shouldn't take it away from our everyday life.

Which brain functions are affected by this information? Mainly balance, muscle engagement, joint efficiency, and many others like temperature, responsiveness and pain receptors.


After learning new ways of body awareness I started observing my body, and for few good month's my main point of interest was how i walk. How we place our feet has great impact on our knees and hips. Foot disorders are rare in African countries, because those countries are less impacted by our comfortable lifestyle. Walking barefoot on the ground isn't nothing unusual over there but that can also change with time. When running our feet need to absorb double the weight of our body, incorrect placement of heel can affect all of your lower architecture including your spine. We have the cushions and arches in our feet for one good reason, to absorb the shock of this weight and divide it evenly thru our feet.


Your foot act like springs thanks to three points called rockers: heel, ankle and forefoot. If you walk, those rockers have to be engaged in pattern that will allow your whole body for natural movement. When we train with Kettlebells we often shift our bodyweight from the toes to heels. Working this way our body is acting as one unit. If we want to gain more strength, engaging our full body, we cannot skip that process. Big toe is taking BIG part in all of this, we can increase our efficiency by training it and using accordingly every day.

We're having two hours free workshop on barefoot living, showing you how to engage your neural system, train your feet and how to get into minimalistic walking. Check the link below.


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