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I've always had a different taste when it comes to workouts and music.

When training on mainstream gyms they force you to listen to this Pop cheery music with meaningless lyrics. I couldn't stand it I've would wear headphones all the time with some hard rock, metal bands on my old iPod and just concentrate on the work.

Then Spotify came and you know what even if the music in the gyms didn't change this opened new ways how the music was listened to.

One day I created "Inspirational Workout" playlist and lately was messaged by one of the bands with a question could I include their song on it. I've checked the numbers and found out that 185 Spotify users shared my taste. So today I want to share this choice of Tengu sounds with you, we have lists for all your workout needs.


Musical inspiration with low intensity, for mace, bodyweight, kettlebell and resistance training. Many movie soundtracks, rock and electronic music.

Genre: Americana, Metal, Rock, Soundtrack, Electronica


Fast and heavy tunes for ECS Fire sessions. Cardio and Endurance.

Genre: Metal, Hard Rock, Drum and Bass


Light restoration music for ECS Water sessions. Relaxation and breathwork.

Genre: Meditation, Folk


Slow and heavy tunes for ECS Earth sessions. Strength and structure.

Genre: Hard Rock, Americana


Slow folk tunes for ECS Air sessions. Meditation thru Movement.

Genre: Folk, Game Soundtrack

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