Exit the routine

My work is really boring. Not boring like office boring, but even worse! It’s because that it's very repetitive, and not rewarding. For some time in my life I was walking into the gym and was doing same routines like lift, put, press, pull. And even if physically I felt change in my body composition, my life was still empty. I didn’t know how to move from this place and I felt like I’m going nowhere even that I looked good.

Probably if I wouldn’t experience the training that ECS gave me I would still be the same person in the same place lifting the same weights.

But that changed, now I’m here. I listen to what my body has to say to me. I know when I can crash my workout and when I can use all the movement potential that I now have. I know when I need to focus on my imbalances and when I have enough tools to do exactly what I’m able to do.

Express yourself, your body is whispering to you everyday. We should want to improve ourselves, but because we are build of complex variables that we don’t always understand we need to learn to move forward despite it. If you stay in one place you will go nowhere and realise to late that you’re not able to move from there.

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