We are delighted to invite you to Tengu Ireland - ECS Movement Academy in Dublin.

       Element Cycle System is an intuitive new system for monitoring your health, created by European coach -  Pawel Widuto. Using the element Cycle - ECS can help to gauge exactly where your imbalances are, and adjust them accordingly using apropriate techniqes, tools, intensity and periodisation. 

       At Tengu Ireland we use a flexible weekly schedule that allows our members to enjoy the full benefit of ECS week in, week out. No more dropping in, dropping out. With the Element Cycle Sytem you will be on your way to living a more functional life.

       The element cycle is used to create and intensity management system so anyone can workout every day and still recover sufficiently to promote balance and health.

ECS Fire - Cardio Vascular stress, Speed, Power
ECS Air - Movement, Mobility
ECS Earth - Strength, Core engagement
ECS Water - Flexibility, Restoration movement
ECS Spirit - Mix of four above classes to remind clients at the end of cycle week the exercises

Tengu Family - We provide classes for children and their parents. Developing motoric skills, education and fun.


Start your journey by booking week of classes for just € 20;-. You can check out all the elements from ECS system, and fully use the advantage of your week you can train for 7days!


Book your free assessment or Personal Training session, also available in packages.


Weekly class schedule of our element cycle classes. Choose between ECS Air, Fire, Water, Earth classes and more.


Become one of Tengu Ireland member with element cycle classes to choose from. With three memberships options you can adjust the program to your needs.

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