Element Cycle System Movement Coach


In 2016 I became an ITEC certified personal trainer and fitness instructor. From the beginning of this road, my main concern was injury-free training. As much as I enjoyed the education to become a personal trainer, I knew that this was not enough. I started to push my interest in the unconventional fitness direction and there in 2017, I found two great coaches Paul Gray (Firepower Gym) and Pawel Widuto (Tengu Norway). The concept of holistic functional fitness lead me to become an Art of Functional Movement Coach lev. 1. One year after I became an owner of Tengu Ireland, first AFM Academy in Dublin. With time AFM evolved into Tengu Element Cycle System, which I'm proud to be representative as a level 2 coach. Now I introduce the concept to many individuals coaches and students, to move better and live a pain-free life.


This type of training is great on its own for every individual, however, it can be also used to supplement professional athletes to help them develop their strengths, minimise weaknesses and improve performance! 

We can help you elevate the growing consequences of bad posture, working long hours, sitting in front of the computer and more, by addressing the needs of your body in a balanced programme created to dramatically improve your wellbeing. 


Today's fitness industry focuses on 2 main areas: strength and weight loss, forgetting that even the slimmest and/or strongest figure isn't enough to keep up with the demands of our daily life and ageing of our bodies. It results in a range of illnesses and conditions that affect us daily.

Please join me on this journey. By knowing, listening and observing yourself you will develop physically, mentally and spiritually. Hope you will enjoy this adventure together with me.

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