In Tengu Ireland, we are changing the concept of fitness. You’ll find here an amazing community of people who care about the way they feel physically and mentally, a coach that cares about your pain free journey to reach your goals, and amazing facility with unconventional tools. 


We work with Element Cycle System, which is made with one intention, to take care of your body in a holistic way. In a world of noise we reconnect you to your body, other people and your spirit.


We are Movement!

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Agata Power

I loved going to Tengu, thought it would be too much training twice a week but it was perfect. Great for body and mind. I would totally recommend these classes


Olga McCane

Personal trainer not just for the rich and famous ! You will never get anybody looking after you with a greater passion than Damian


Kamila Cyluk

Coach Damian's approach to children is very friendly and full of concern for the proper exercise.
I really recommend this place for the beginners and those that are advanced. 
It's a warm, nice place. We will definitely be back.


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